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Das wunderschöne Pic stammt von meinem Zuckerarsch (bei vielen auch bekannt als SweetGirl *gg*). Ihr gefällt das Bild nicht richtig, also falls es euch so gut wie mir gefallen hat, dann sagt es ihr und wenn ihr gerade dabei seid...*gg*
Ich habe diesmal eine Art Trilogie in Gedichtform geschrieben. Ich hoffe es gefällt euch.

Feedback an:


My light is gone

My cries lost in the dark

But I have to go on, this time all alone

I don’t even know where to start


I am standing on the edge of time

Still hoping to know that you cared

Forgetting us is a crime

Against the love we once shared


Memories are sometimes fading

Us - long lost but not forgotten

Vivid recollections are waking

Of us – to me never forgotten


Conquered but not defeated

Still blinded by your sight

The fight between us heated

I plan to do what’s right


There was this time

My love to you a token

Where you were mine

And I was unbroken


We’re separated but to me not estranged

A final decision I’m planning to make

Leaving this world, out of your range

I have to know if a life is being at stake

Other than mine


There is this question lingering inside

Scourging me all through the night


Do you remember us?