About the movie:

When young Bastian Baltasar Bux, a very unhappy and lonely 10-year-old, steals a mysterious leather-bound tome from a bookshop, he has no idea that it is anything but an ordinary novel he’s carrying. As soon as he starts reading he loses himself in the fantastic world of Fantasia, a land of fairytale creatures, dangerous monsters and true heroes, until he finally realizes that by reading the story he himself has become a significant part of the legend.

Fantasia is in danger. The Childlike Empress, the ruler of the word of fantasy and magic, is seriously ill and no creature throughout the whole country knows a remedy for her mysterious disease. While her illness takes its toll, the country itself is threatened by some horrible catastrophe called “the Nothing”, which threatens to destroy everything. A young warrior named Atreyu, basically a child in age, is sent out to find a remedy to save the Empress’ life and the whole of Fantasia before the “Nothing” can consume everything that is left of the country.

Little does Atreyu know that in the human world a young boy is with him every step of the way. While Bastian eagerly follows Atreyu’s adventures he does not realize that his own life is becoming entwined with “The Neverending Story” and no matter how insignificant and unworthy he might feel – in the end he could be the only one to save the Empress and all of Fantasia.

“The Neverending Story” is more than just a children’s movie – it is an appeal for everyone no matter how old they are to follow their heart and not to let go of their imagination. Trust in yourself and your dreams might come true.

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Die Unendliche Geschichte / The Neverending Story (1984)